Norbu Dorji Quotes

I am right from my own point of view You are from your own view, I & Your view is not expected unless It befit view of general.

Mood is a transformation of the mind with the action we see & if someone and something pleases us than heart pumps blood of happiness through the veins.

"Favouritism & Nepotism are the causes of being disloyal & disrespect".

"What we expect we do not get but sometimes everything comes unexpectedly"

Be who you are, Take what you get, Do what you like, Be contend with what you are.

"We should always remember that we were paid to work, so we should do it with integrity"

"Photography is an art of language that everyone can feel and understand".

"We remember superiors in difficult times and forget when our jobs are done".

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How fits his Umber Coat
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How fits his Umber Coat
The Tailor of the Nut?
Combined without a seam
Like Raiment of a Dream-

Who spun the Auburn Cloth?

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