Red robe is a wall,
Fencing there body, speech and mind,
Encircle from defilements,
Reminding to be always virtuous.

Buddha is enlighten,
Monks are not,
To err in human,
Monks are not perfect,
Still try to be in line,
Somehow & somewhere they failed,
Society gossip their failure,
Never thinking their kind services.

Being a monk does not means,
Free of attachments,
They feel & like what we do,
Red robe control their desire,
Reminding to be virtuous,
Somehow and somewhere they fail,
Monks are not enlighten,
Monks are not perfect,
Materialistic world is full of beautiful objects,
Monks are likely to fall in ocean of desire & attachment,
Action is not only a judgemental point but intention too,
Slandering and discriminating noble sons,
Booking a ticket to travel in hell.