Dreams are beautiful sensation,
Experienced during sleep,
It’s a conceptualization
Still it has a power to rejoice & be depressed.

If you dreamed a beautiful dream,
Being with your beloved,
Travelling to the land of your dream,
Becoming an owner & billionaire
Fulfilling all your desire,
Without knowing that you are in the state of dreaming,
You enjoy until you wake up.

Dreams are also painful,
When all beautiful dreams you dreamed disappear,
Wanting to see such dream again,
Dreaming of losing beloved,
Wild beast entering and attacking,
Losing all your assets,
However, nothing had happened in reality,
They still hurt and wet their pillows in tragic,
Screaming loudly and waking up with fear.

Working all day some unfinished work,
Attachment and desire to work,
Make you think and dream,
Dreams are said to be illusions,
But sometimes there is truth in the dream.

Dreaming inside dream happens,
Not to all but only to few sometime,
Knowing that you are dreaming within a dream,
You are conscious.

Copyright Norbu Dorji