Am I in the body or
the body is in me?
I swear I am not this body;
It perishes and decays
Am I in the soul or
the soul is in me?
I swear I am a soul:
A treasure in my body;
I dwell in this body;
It houses me for a time
I am like a pearl;
Hidden in oyster's shell
I am like a bird in a cage;
Eager to fly out
Am I in the light or
the light is in me?
Am I in the sound, or
the sound is in me?
The sound and the light-
Both are from infinite God
When I hear the sound,
I hear God's song
When I see the light,
I see God's light
I am from the sea of vast eternity
Where never the flute stops sounding
Where never the sun stops shining
I am from eternal wisdom-
That pervades everything, everywhere"
I am a happy man, indeed!-
An honoured caliph of great God
I cannot dance, O Lord, to your flute
Unless you lead me to your light