Deep in the Stillness

For a long time past
I lived as a clod of clay
I didn't know
I was made of a sounding clay
I was a thing with a soul
That my lord had blown into me
I didn't know
I was alive.
I was like a dead clod of clay
Lying on a neglected path
Like a lost traveller walking
In a sandstorm through a desert
I kept travelling on and on
Singing the songs of delusion
with some heavenly hope
To come out of the desert
I left the whole world behind
Step by step realizing
I was in a dream
Far far off the reality
I got up and visualized
I am a sounding man
I gathered myself
Into an awakened man
And hurled myself
Into an ocean of silence
Pervasive and expansive
Looked behind and found
The world was:
Like a mirage in a desert
Like a daydream
Like a sea flower
In the mid of the ocean
Deep in the stillness
I found
Only the sound of my soul
I aspire always to see the sun
Standing where the two bows meet