Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!
War drums stopped beating
Warmongers sealed their lips
Shameful aggression stopped
Peace lovers! now it is your turn
Come out of the hideouts
Do your job
Sing the song of peace
On the streets where the forces brute
Play on the Neru's flute
Where chastity is brutalised
Children blinded and maimed
With pellet and bullet volleys
Those supporting the noble cause
See their shelters blasted to ground
Childrens' hearts with fear shake
With shelling of roaring mortar guns
Urge on the uniformed men
Do not let loose the rein of terror
Do not kill before our eyes our dear ones
Bid the marchers to shout in peace
No war! No war! Give us peace
This is the only choice for blowing out
The burning and blazing infernal fire
Urge on the children of conflict
Upon the youngmen laying their lives
At the pyre of peace, dignity and freedom
No revenge! No revenge! please!
No 'eye for eye', No 'Al-huri Bil-hur'
Be ready with the drums of love
When you get free when you get peace
When the burning chinar turns green
Orphaned children scream not
Widowed women wail not
With seventy autumns on run
Spring shall again come
With scented and colourful blossoms
Soon the almond and tulip gardens
Shall be filled with crowds happy and free
Conflict-torn nation! Too late! Certainly !
Rekoice! Rejoice! after all it did come
With charred and scorched bodies around
Peace without freedom has no meaning
Freedom without peace is a frightful dream
Ghosts' feedom! and ghosts' peace !
God thanked be You!
No coffins to shoulder the corps
Wailing and screaming no more
The promised hour has come
The last coloniser has left
Send Hearty Congratulations to your dead
Burried under the debris of soil and stone
At rest in graves unknown
Tears down the mothers' cheeks
Tick tick tick