I am a lonely traveller
Love is the path I walk on
Love is the light I gaze at
Love is the core of my being
Love is my journey's end
Love is my destiny and destination
Love speaks at my tongue
Love composes my mystic poems
Love sings melodious hymns
Love adores the beauty divine
Love heals all my wounds
Love gives me hope and solace
Love is the soul of truth and beauty
Love is the source of all life
Love brings me out of darkness
Love leads me to light
Love consumes my bitterness
Love removes my sadness
Love fills me with joy and delight
Love gives me endurance
Love makes me wise
Love explains the book of God
love is the precious treasure.
Love is the sweetest speech
Love is the melodious music
Love is the brightest light
I can’t live in this world
Nor can I endure the next -
If devoid of love
I don't want to be a stranger
Neither here nor there