I shall fight alone, all alone--
The battle against my Satan,
In this occupied, besieged land.
Satan has snatched my home;
Turned it into a Pagan Temple
I get crazy when I see,
The gilty goddesses smiling at me
I am alone here, hugging and kissing,
Million fairies with golden hair,
They enchant me by deceitful winks
My sanity, my wisdom, they rob
My philosophy, my religion, they loot
Eh! I have fallen in love with whores
Who talk to me in a sign language
Telling me, come closer, get into bed
On one condition--- do what angels abhor
I am losing my grip over my heart

My soul is screaming with pain
Oh, please come with me to-night
I beg of you, I can't let you go alone
Never for a moment you must stop--
Never you must rest by day or by night--
Listening to my music and watching my dance,
Drinking only the wine of my light.
Take cup after cup, and be intoxicated by my love
Ask me alone--One cup more, sir, one cup more!
Remember, in the tavern of my drunken lovers
Satan has no room to live in; no business to do
You are free now! the battle is over!
Do not shed a tear.