Do Not Shed A Tear Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I shall fight alone all aloneB
The battle against my SatanC
In this occupied besieged landD
Satan has snatched my homeE
Turned it into a Pagan TempleF
I get crazy when I seeG
The gilty goddesses smiling at meG
I am alone here hugging and kissingH
Million fairies with golden hairA
They enchant me by deceitful winksI
My sanity my wisdom they robJ
My philosophy my religion they lootK
Eh I have fallen in love with whoresL
Who talk to me in a sign languageM
Telling me come closer get into bedN
On one condition do what angels abhorO
I am losing my grip over my heartP
My soul is screaming with painQ
Oh please come with me to nightR
I beg of you I can't let you go aloneB
Never for a moment you must stopS
Never you must rest by day or by nightR
Listening to my music and watching my danceT
Drinking only the wine of my lightR
Take cup after cup and be intoxicated by my loveU
Ask me alone One cup more sir one cup moreO
Remember in the tavern of my drunken loversV
Satan has no room to live in no business to doW
You are free now the battle is overX
Do not shed a tearA

Mohammad Younus
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/23/2019


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