Before the universes were created
There was nothing but infinite light-
The divine Light that filled the whole existence.
There was no space without light
All was filled with the Boundless Light.
There was nothing like living and non-living
There was one Light, balanced evenly and equally,
There was no differentiation, no manifestations
And it we call “the Ahad"
That has no place, no time, no name
Then He willed to create the heavens, the earth, and all things in between
To support the life that He emanated from Himself
By His command: Be , and it was
At last, He created man, lord over all
But remained not idle after creation
Continued with his love of creation and recreation,
Emanations, Formations, and Actions
But still , the Ahad, is hidden in unity,
No Angel, no man, can ever know Him
As He deserves to be known
A created is too low in intelligence to know Him,
For He has no place, no time,
No name and no shape
How strange!
He calls men and jinnie to know him.
Call to mind the story of your creation,
When God asked , ' Am not I your Lord ?
Who was it who answered ' Yes" ?
You have forgotten the primeval covenant
God is merciful;
He continues to remind you your covenant
And ,therefore, keeps on sounding His harp
To recall you to his presence so that you know
Who said Alastu, who said balā
Thus, shall you know the source of your emanation-
And you shall proclaim
When there was nothing, there was light,
And light is in everything
We call it Noor-e-Muhammad