In every social platform,
All we comment is RIP
Not remain in power
But rather, bid our friends,
Relatives and even family goodbye
By saying: rest in peace.
All we learn is to cry
And shed tears for those we lose.

Every single second,
Screams all over:
Someone has just died
Thousands and thousands
Pass away in a span of one day.

What a cursed and tragic year
You came with a series of tragedies
From the invasion of locusts
Leading to famine,
to the closure of schools,
Loss of jobs,
Death of loved ones
And even floods.
Not a Kenyan but a world’s disaster

We thought corona was a joke,
We even made fun out of it
With the rise of positive cases
And the rise in the number of deaths,
Restrictions due to lockdowns,
Curfews and even quarantine,
Corona became real before us.

We lost hope on what
We considered a priority:
Our dreams and goals
Are now buried with the closure of schools.
But ooh no
We learned good health was paramount.

I hate how people are swept,
I hate the rate by which people are dying.
Day after day,
My hope is fading away
And the dream of a better future,
Vanishing: for all is vanity.
Who is going to remain?
Is demise going to be our fate?
And hell, or heaven our union?

I am afraid
I need someone to give me hope
Someone to encourage me
Someone to tell me:
This too shall pass.
Someone wise tell me
Who is going to be next?
Is this the end
that was prophesied by our prophets?
And if so, how ready are we?

The economy is going down
Legends, with renown legacies,
And also, no ones never spared
Two thousand and twenty,
A year never to be forgotten
Not for its good but rather:
The pain and suffering it came along with.