To you, I speak even in my silence.
You always detect my sadness
Even when I fool everyone else with a plastic smile.
With you by my side life is full of joys
And nothing annoys.

When everyone views me a fool,
To you, I am a superhero.
When thousands turn against me,
You give me a shoulder to lean on.
And in you I often find motivation.

You never get tired of encouraging me.
No one can ever surpass you in any way.
You know all my weaknesses and strengths
But judging me is never your character.
Because you always believe in me.

You never despise my stupid questions
But all you do is listen and answer earnestly.
My sorrows are always your own
And my grief always ours.
And happiness is all we deserve.

You're such a great treasure
For you always light up my world.
Like a blood sister, you're to me.
Your name speaks it all
Because you shower me with Agape love.

I love you Agape.