you always boast of owning;
large, prominent and renown companies,
vast and large pieces of land,
most fancy and flashy cars on earth,
traveling by the most luxurious means
and also, the most expensive things.

I own no diamond,
I haven’t even touched any gold
To me, the expensive things are a dream
I’ve never gone to any luxurious place
Never have I feasted as the rich do
But I have to boast of my wealth
I am a millionaire.

Can’t you believe am a millionaire?
Clothed with the most valuable things:
God’s glory is always mine
Happiness always my portion,
Steadfast love like my breath,
Security always tight for God’s angels
Guard me with double-edged swords.
My life is always smooth for I am a child of God.

You install CCTV cameras on your property,
You have security guards all over your apartments
But thieves always steal what you own.
As for me, my God doesn’t slumber even for a second
And security is all that am assured of.
No one can ever steal my treasure for its tightly
Guarded by my Almighty God and father.

I will always boast in the Lord
And no one can ever silence me.
I’ll always preach thy word to all nations and beyond.
I won’t let myself to be like the rich fool
But rather, an intelligent one.

You are very wealthy but then extremely poor
You always don’t sleep for fear of insecurity
But for me, I have plenty of sleep
And never troubled like you.

My heart is never troubled
And neither am I distressed nor agitated
I believe in God and fully rely on him
All my wants, all my needs are met

When millions and millions
Crave for the earthy things,
My only craving is to be rich in Thy word.
And always boast of being a millionaire
A millionaire in Thy word.
My treasures are kept in Heaven

I have to boast brethren,
Boast of the many houses,
The streets of Gold,
I boast on the twelve gates
Of the entrance of the saints.
For my father owns it all.
Let’s join in the heavenly journey
That we may inherit it all
And we become both millionaires
In the wealth that won’t ever fade away
Or neither decay.
We become millionaires in God’s word