Endless Tears Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


By the roadside she satA
Her face buried in her armsB
Her hands very wetC
Thoroughly washed by the streamsD
Running down her sad faceE
Tears rolling down the cheeksF
Unhappy devastated and very stressedG
What on earth can she doH
Where is the hope she used to hear in churchI
And not even the preacher giving a hand of helpJ
Not even those faithful saints careK
No one to give a shoulder for herL
Where is she going to lean onM
All hope is lostN
All dreams burried with the remembranceO
Of that fateful nightP
The night that hell became realQ
When humanity became just a wordR
Her pain an untold storyS
Watching her parents dieT
A very painful death in the handsU
Of those armed robbersV
Her escape just a lucky shotW
She believes no oneX
She trusts none on earthY
Her trust and faith only on GodZ
Her face in her armsB
That's her comfortA2
Her tears endlessB2
The pain so deep that it feelsC2
Like only yesterday whenD2
It all happenedE2
This is her endless tearsF2

Miriam Onyancha
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/29/2020


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