Am not a monster nor am a a beast
Am neither an Angel nor a saint
But how can you make things hard on me?
Yet you are all that I have
All that I need in life and my little daughter
You said you loved me
You said you loved her too
And where is all this hell coming from?

How can I kill my own daughter
Recalling how I bore her in pain
Remembering all that I passed through
To the day I held her in my arm
I can't let myself to be haunt
For the name of 'Love'
For the so called intimacy
She is my blood...
She is my blood

Am not a murderer
And can't let myself do that
To my little innocent girl
After three years of suffering
Raising her in pain
Can't you be ashamed of yourself
I can't loose her

You better leave me
You better walk away
But not my innocent beloved one
She is my blood.
I can't hide for I love you
But I love her more
Don't judge me
But I've chosen her over you
I can't lose her
She is my blood