Dedicated to my precious pearl,
If I am to marry you,
Make me know who you are,
Honesty and trustworthy be your hut,
Tell your mother about this girl not,
What if I decline the request?
Who will you blame?
Walk slowly and tell not the world,

If I am to marry you,
Let's remain chaste till that day,
Hide not the true being,
If I am not higher to stand firm,
Wait till I am a hard metal,
Know my position in your life,
Don't trap me ,love me ,

If I am to marry you,
Tell the world not about me,
Let your ring speak louder,
It's a dream ,untold,
Let me be the only one,
I don't want to be a slave,
But more brave,
I want to see truth in you,
A prayer warrior,
The seeker of heavenly father,
Marrying you is ordained,
But ,is your heart true and pure,
If I am to marry you,
I must marry a seeker of God.