I am a condemned
untamed wacky aberrant lunatic
I went berserk
I took leave of reasoning
and thought anticlockwise
I lost all the facets of rationale!

I hallucinate a lot
I outlined atrocious baggage about the incumbency
I pointed out a number of LIES about the regime

But now I want to revert to orderliness
I crave to be an HONEST citizen yet again

When I break out of these corridors of mental rehabilitation
I must secure a psychiatrist as a matter of urgency
I must sit myself down and learn to tell the TRUTH
I must drive this madness that has clogged my head out

I have been tortured for enough time
Because my mad head wouldn't accommodate
even the utmost MODEST UNTRUTHS

But today I crave for freedom
I want to learn how to tell the TRUTH
to dislodge this madness out of my head
I sincerely yearn to accommodate
how to call:
the accomplices and auxiliaries of murder,
the pretentious rogues that masquerade to aid in bringing back poached justice,
the inne-circle rougish cartels that launder the largest sums of money from grants

Today I must be baptised to speak the truth
I don't want to be mad again
I earnestly want to know
how to obscure my vision from figuring out
The broken lines on a slate

May I kindly SOBRE UP even in the least
To vouch for stating that