The guiltless shepherd
is a collared machineel in a cassock
He bears pretty tasty apples
That accord him innocent and benovelent looks
But beneath the adorable deceptive looks
Hung a dark secret;
The secret of the toxic fruits of death
Yet they arouse
puzzling appetites among the flock
Who nolonger lust for grass
And their intestines have been corroded

This deceptive plant
Has met every desire of all the flock
It has injected the unsuspecting sheep with a poisonous sap
It blurred their vision
And turned their hearts against the shades where the rams shelter
Now when it's sultry
They shelter under the shadows of machineel
And when it rains
The poisonous sap from the toxic branches
Mixes with rain water
And the fierce effect
Messes the skin of their young ones and kills them