My eyes bleed for comfort
For my heart is a mound of pungent ulceration
Intoxicated with highly alkaline discharge -
Tears held up for a wide-ranging protracted time
Because I have been too strong to shed a tear
But today my broken heart mourns for even a sob
And I can bear the pain no longer
Just now, I am going to break into tears
To spit out the venom that tears have planted in my heart
Is it sinful to cry to cleanse one's soul off their suffering
How I crave I did this just in time!
For the tears that my mournsome heart for so long did bleed
Turned too corrosive for it to abide by
And deepened the soaring cuts in the ailing heart
The tears that for so long I withheld
Leaked out all over my heart
And from today henceforth
I shall always cry
To wash out pent up emotions