If the sun sets for me at dawn
So that the white in me turns black
Before I shed off a single milk teeth
If I vacate that soothsome seat
That through your efforts I betrothed
Should you wake up to find LITTLE shoe atop my seat
So that everything in your world turns YELLOW...
I should pray you catch enough courage
To SOB my sudden loss in earnest
To assuage your soul from the mental distress
May kindness grant you even the least of courage
To let you freely express
The immense thrust of traumatising emotions
Urgently wear on your face
The abrupt shock of the loss,
The hollowness that you feel
Feel free to demonstrate your anger for my loss dear mom:
For only you knows what you feel
Express the disbelief
The guilt
And the profound sadness
Nothing should be compared to the loss of a child
And there need be no modesty
About how you handle this massive loss
When your fears and worries of this sad eventuality
Finally materialises into concrete reality