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Michael Olute Aete is a 35 year old Kenyan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education (Linguistics and Literature in English) with IT. Currently he teaches English and Literature in Mwer Boys' High School. He heads the languages department in the said school. ...
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  • The 2020 Lover
    I don't mind your COVID smile my love
    The whole of my being is quarantined in your heart
    You are the epicenter of my happiness
    Allow me to capture your heart and place it under total lock down ...
  • The Chief Assassin
    Dear Chief of State
    The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
    And a staunch SUPPORTER of the Human Rights and Freedom
    I have a tragic revelation to make ...
  • The Supreme Judge
    You sit on the bench
    But I ask myself why:
    You have no judgement to make,
    No reason to listen ...
  • A Befitting Send-off
    Brothers, carry out the autopsy gently
    That corpse was a rich man's residence
    The carcass was never an ordinary body
    To be hacked and dug upon ...
  • The African Dictator
    Have you ever heaped up
    all the possible disgusting wastes
    from a high-level hospital
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Soul 3 Broken 2 World 2 Mental 2 Vision 2 Lost 2 Feel 2 Precious 2 Dark 2 Place 2

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Michael olute: I'm happy to find out that we share the full names with someone in a neighboring country. God bless all Michael olutes.

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