Few hours pictures on s/media,
Nonga gone too early, mortuary ices like that we bought Sunday after church
What to think then, soil one me after relatives to come,
Temperature is above normal in a coffin can't scream
Screamed all the rounds, after couple of drinks
Imported, billboard advertised drinks you ordered
Pacific fried fish eggs, she tastes and rejects
Then let's try praetorian double pizza
Diesel now is cheaper Mazda 2016 fwd, 70km hotel destiny
After money in wallet its where phone rang
Been so long Nonga. Bored and Home chilling,
Bulletproof thought for bullets at war
Meat Meat in Kenyan Accent
Mommy is at her older ages, rural and disturbed by village migambos
Papa famous drinker, taking daily 5k Yokozuna grade one
Gives out swimming mood, denied by Kenyan drinker's associate
Really first salary is for charity and parents
Meat meat in Kenyan accent
Company to stand still, workers redundancy
So many to think, admitted Jk Cardiac
Doctor’s quick report, Figo was really a player
Msondongoma rocked by 90s +ve, Nonga where you are...