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  • Soulmate
    Calm as no stories heard, Days to count: in white you vowed,
    Eight years together for you money mattered,
    In House of God you called each other brother and sister,
    You blood related, blood related, Technologies never lie ...
  • Nonga
    Few hours pictures on s/media,
    Nonga gone too early, mortuary ices like that we bought Sunday after church
    What to think then, soil one me after relatives to come,
    Temperature is above normal in a coffin can't scream ...
  • Grandson
    Act like them, you won’t make it
    Appreciate their era, for who you are today
    Griddles’ threaten your health, forgiveness heals
    10 million budget function is nothing, for they are not alive ...
  • Working Hours
    10 years experience in carpentry, could speak it now,
    Believed by every customer like Dulla mapajero the mechanic,
    Formalities give us too many theories to tell, than what reality world is
    Don't deny it’s helpful to majority, professorial of Shivji once quoted Sokoine the PM ...
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