Calm as no stories heard, Days to count: in white you vowed,
Eight years together for you money mattered,
In House of God you called each other brother and sister,
You blood related, blood related, Technologies never lie
Republican to democrat over one night
Trips to country side, under God's umbrella
Late replies for you were the judgment stands,
I wondered say u late
You really late or pressure for a party
If promoting your biz, am professionalized at
Future MacDonald fabric works were our brand to come
Rem what you said...expected never to leave
So you were into two, having taste, Bitter and sweeter, with me in nights
you insulted Jay prEjak, he made a family
Yes babyDady now, U step back for money
Money is here now, you dis chagaz but u now into to
Was really my faults, or u just decided to go
Not crying that you've gone, what enmity for
Where the Siblings are called me in-law, calls-texts no more
Disrespected you in forest hill, in the moonlight of God
Sorry for that, routine has now changed, Bed to church to work
Weekends for spirit and jogging, home chilling Still habit, family over everything
Life been Good sofa, Best lucks are my wishes
Realistic Zillah gone with pure love, mourning him by love spreading