Act like them, you won’t make it
Appreciate their era, for who you are today
Griddles’ threaten your health, forgiveness heals
10 million budget function is nothing, for they are not alive
Christmas trip, dinner out kitchen is their happiness with you
Accept papas other off springs for are your blood, it connects you
Famous, but won humanitarian from Harvard
Teach your children as they will live with the world
Scriptures insist 70 times, will lamb left in a pit as it is Sabbath
A globe, stuffs will not always be straightforward
Now in depression, may even go deeper down
Check your remainder, no rematch, Act
Plasticized hearts, fill a balloon, flying Serengeti seems cheaper than hate
"People trusted in you will just stop", Maalim´s star signs
You promised five pm, make it, these were my standards
Class four, four international languages, don’t quit
Your daddy cured and buried me, take care of him
Baba in tears, now reading your legacy
Hugs……may their Souls rest