10 years experience in carpentry, could speak it now,
Believed by every customer like Dulla mapajero the mechanic,
Formalities give us too many theories to tell, than what reality world is
Don't deny it’s helpful to majority, professorial of Shivji once quoted Sokoine the PM
"Uplifting the civil life that people not contented lowly life"
"Technical and skill building", "understanding environment" should be the leading principles
Enterprising is a mindset, we not all have that mind
Money is disciplinary, we get and lose, who should teach us
Is happiness materials, with tie in elevator going for lunch?
Uniqueness is value, Masai getting money from, but we televised
Can’t utilize potentials, now in mega supabets
Seems u block, with same outlook.is tragedy
Dignity should be an identity
Clothes, furniture, bed sheets, imported? Yes and us
Middlemen shining at newspaper boards and shoeshine centers’ waiting for calls
Coins in pocket young gen holding up their families, days are coming
Text MSG insisting tolerance at age, as rain and thunderstorms are many
Peace is healthy than winning, observe, mouth for meals
One out of your ten, see them in-needs as their father rejected them