Here you say, in echoes soft and sweet,
Where secrets dance upon the whispered street,
Through corridors of truth and hidden words,
Where hearts can find solace like fluttering birds.

Here you say, in breaths of hallowed ground,
Where honesty blooms, unbound and unfound,
In the gentle strokes of a poet's hand,
Where emotions unravel, yet still withstand.

Here you say, with ink that weeps and sighs,
In verses that leap, embracing the skies,
Through verses woven, like threads of a dream,
Where love pours forth like a crystalline stream.

Here you say, as melodies softly chime,
Where thoughts intermingle, in rhythm and rhyme,
In harmonies soothing, like a gentle breeze,
Where words find solace amidst tranquil seas.

Here you say, in whispers of the night,
Where secrets and stories take their flight,
With every stanza and every line,
A symphony of emotions that intertwine.

Here you say, in moments of pure grace,
Where destinies converge in a sacred embrace,
In the pages of time, each word engraved,
A testament to the journey that we paved.

So here I'll stay, in this space of expression,
Where words are my vessel, my own confession,
For here you say, and here I'll forever be,
In the sacred realm of poetry.