In a city of crime, where shadows loom,
Stands a privileged cop, in a polished costume.
With a badge of gold and a smile of charm,
He thinks he's above, he can do no wrong.

Oh, the privileged cop, wearing his cape,
Blessed with power, but filled with hate.
He patrols the streets with an air of might,
Ignoring the pleas of those in fright.

With every step he takes, justice wanes,
For the privileged cop only knows to disdain.
He bristles at criticism, dismisses the cries,
Blinded by privilege, deaf to their sighs.

While the rich are protected, their secrets untold,
The underprivileged suffer, their rights bought and sold.
The privileged cop chooses which laws to uphold,
Leaving the marginalized in a world so cold.

His shield shines bright, a symbol of pride,
Yet it shields him from truth, from the other side.
He walks through life with unearned confidence,
Ignoring his duty, his moral pretense.

But there's hope on the streets, amidst the despair,
Voices rise together, demanding to be heard and fair.
They expose the cracks in the privileged armor,
Unmasking the truth, revealing the charmer.

No longer shall the privileged cop reign,
For justice must be blind, free from disdain.
It's time to break the chains of this flawed system,
And rebuild it anew, with equity as its rhythm.

So listen, privileged cop, to the voices of the wronged,
Open your heart and listen to their song.
Step down from your pedestal, break the divide,
Join hands with the people, let compassion guide.

For in the end, we're all part of this city's tale,
And only together can we truly prevail.
Let's strive for a future where justice is just,
Where the privileged cop learns humility and trust.