Tell me why the sky is blue,
And why the grass is green.
Tell me why the ocean's vast,
With secrets still unseen.

Tell me why the stars at night
Twinkle in the dark,
And why the moon's gentle glow
Leaves its ethereal mark.

Tell me why the birds that fly
Sing each melodious tune,
And why the flowers in bloom
Perfume the air in June.

Tell me why the children laugh
With innocent delight,
And why a simple act of kindness
Can make everything feel right.

Tell me why the seasons change,
Bringing beauty to each land,
And why love and compassion
Can make the world grand.

Tell me why dreams bring hope,
And why hope leads to dreams,
Tell me why life's mysteries
Aren't always what they seem.

Tell me why we question,
And seek answers to it all,
For in the quest for knowledge,
Our hearts and minds can grow tall.

So tell me why, dear world,
With wonders all around,
For in your endless questions,
True wisdom can be found.