To my Lord, I raise my prayer,
In your loving embrace, I find solace rare.
You are the sun that lights my way,
Guiding me through each night and day.

With gentle words, you speak my name,
Whispering love, erasing all shame.
Your wisdom pours like a healing stream,
Quenching my thirst, as if in a dream.

In your presence, I find true peace,
And all my worries and fears cease.
You wrap me in grace, like a velvet shroud,
In your arms, I am forever endowed.

Your love, majestic like the ocean's roar,
Fills my heart to its very core.
In your embrace, I am set free,
A blossom blossoms in fields of glee.

Through valleys low and mountains high,
In your footsteps, I shall rely.
You guide me through life's twisting turns,
With every lesson, my spirit learns.

To my Lord, I give my gratitude,
For every blessing granted, every hope renewed.
In your infinite love, I am forever blessed,
My soul finds rest in your eternal nest.