In this world of ours, there's a girl named Joyce,
She's fiery and fierce, a true force.
But like anyone, she too has limits,
In this poem, her story, let's commit.

Joyce, oh Joyce, with fire in her eyes,
She braves the world, her spirit flies.
But let's not forget, she's human too,
And even Joyce has her own value.

She conquers mountains, crosses the seas,
With dreams in her heart, and hope as her key.
But within her, there's also a line,
Where strength meets vulnerability, so fine.

In moments of weakness, she may stumble,
But her resilience in the face of trouble,
Like a phoenix, she rises from ashes,
For within her, a strength forever clashes.

There are days when she feels not so strong,
When doubts haunt her and things go wrong.
But Joyce, sweet Joyce, always finds a way,
To rise above, with a smile on display.

She knows her limits, yet she fights on,
Pushing the boundaries, until they're gone.
Choosing to believe in her own might,
Joyce is a warrior, her spirit shines bright.

So let's remember, as we journey through,
That even Joyce, with all she can do,
Has limits that shape her as she grows,
And makes her story all the more cose.

For Joyce, dear Joyce, with passion that's vast,
Teaches us all that limits won't hold us fast.
With faith in ourselves, we can surpass,
The boundaries we face, creating a lasting contrast.