Last night here I had such a wonderful dream,
if I wanted this dream, that could be anything.
A dream that was granted to really come true.
Simply dream just one night, to be with you.

Atleast one day, One time, One sunset or sunrise.
Just to have a chance to touch you, I ‘d be satisfied.
Leave me, wishing still for that one dream to come true,
At least one wonderful night, just to spend it with you.

First thing that I'd do, is pray to God it comes true,
I'm wishing to be holding someone just like you.
Hold you close, as I'm holding you ever so tight,
In my dreams I think of you, closely near me tonight.

I'll keep wishing to spend, my last days just with you.
Kiss you ever so tender, feel your passion show through.
Say a million I love yous just because I do,
How I wish I get one night to spend it with you.

The passion of making all night love here with you,
makes my night never ending, with my love that's so true.
Feel your kisses and warmth, of your gentle soft face,
you bestow me now here, in your loving embrace.

But then once again, knowing what I’d still want to do,
Leave me, wishing still for one more night just with you.
Waking up from a dream, you're not here by my side,
at least somehow in dreams, you will always be mine.

Not just hearing you, or seeing you,
Not just kissing you, or caressing you.
Not just Feeling you, or touching you,
But in my dreams, I am loving you.