Hey dear elusive dream,
I slipped for you and got lost in mist
I tried and tried hard, left no stone unturned
Waited for you to arrive and see
All my tears and agonies know
How I burnt my days and nights in woes
Time's like a sword, took away my words
To scream and howl and say you, hello
Ain't I the guilt to live for you?
Ain't I the sinner to die for you?
I never lapsed back, collapsed for my whims
Oh dear elusive dream
Just for you I, said goodbye
To all my bliss and colorful dyes
I sought for you in the alleys of hell
My whole fantasy imprisoned in a jail
Let me think a bit
How have I turned this much freak?
I've buried my smile
To touch you just a while
But you buried me right,
Covered my lights
Oh dear elusive dream
You flew far away, leaving me
Stabbed me right back, left in the lurch
Showed me the real feigned smile

How many tears to owe? I'll make it count
I'll pay you right back if I see you around
Just don’t let me die in miseries
Don’t be a disguised mystery
I wanna breathe again freely
Live and die green
Reign alone on my realms
But now I'm a caged phoenix
Oh dear elusive dream
Just look back only for once
How the little girl is dying of thirst!
How the half dead soldier with bruise
Calling to you
Just to hold you
Oh dear elusive dream...