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  • Uncertainty
    I offer you a deep dive down into my ocean billow,
    Where resides lunatic rhythms of a to-be hero,
    Frozen air roams around, he ended up in smoke,
    Clock tics loud, louder than his heart tics to zero. ...
  • A Thousand Miles
    A thousand miles, to touch the far sky,
    I wonder if our love can still abide by,
    The rules, that are meant to keep us close and strong,
    Can thousand miles take away the treasure we belong? ...
  • Autumn Embrace
    Every harsh sigh and your midnight tear,
    I intend to be there and tranquil your fear.
    Let me come in disguise as autumn breeze,
    And dry the dew drops that run through your cheeks. ...
  • Tapestry
    In the sizzling summer, I find a comfort zone,
    To the pen, the paper, closed room, all alone,
    Where I drink mystic elixir of desire and dreary,
    Where my thirsty soul can run wild with its symphonies. ...
  • Way To The Virgin Galaxy
    I take a sip, to the liquor of desire, just to live
    A day more, let my savage soul sleep beneath me.
    So it can smile with stars at midnight for ages
    So it can scribble worthless new things in pages. ...
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