Thousands of people passing me by,
But only one is there to catch my eye,
Only one is there to mess my world,
Once whom I left half dead inside.

Hey dear,
You are-
The prettiest hue of my fantasy
The sensation beneath my ecstasy
The golden moon of my dark days
The reddest rose in my garden
The sweetest dream I have ever had
The stubborn nostalgia that makes me mad
The untold story that I wanted to be told
The illusory emotion that I desired to hold
The sapphire star of my midnight sky
The lavender scar that aches me right
The scarlet flame that burns me each night
The emerald haze that covered my lights
The shiniest pearl of my shattered crown
You, who gave me thousand new dawns

You, who asked for summers and rose
You, who brought thy heart too close
You, who smiled over my given bad strikes
You, whom I teared up million little times

You, whom I willed to stay forevermore
You, who comes across my weals and woes
You, who took away my bliss and hues
And I, who've let you burn in a sacred inferno.