Sumaiya Shoilee Poems

  • 1.
    I take a sip, to the liquor of desire, just to live
    A day more, let my savage soul sleep beneath me.
    So it can smile with stars at midnight for ages
    So it can scribble worthless new things in pages.
  • 2.
    Never drop your sword; be a gutsy one
    Tighten your belt; the road is so rugged
    You can rest in grave; now it is time to run
    Do not get fooled by claques, rather be a lone bird
  • 3.
    Way too far, way to our heart,
    Way to the greens and haze and scars.
    Way to beyond, that feels like abode,
    Way to scribe the star - crossed love.
  • 4.
    Need some caffeine to shake my nerves.
    Need some good vibes to drive me on.
    Their knives prick me and give me jerks
    But hardly kills; I would rather condone.
  • 5.
    Thousands of people passing me by,
    But only one is there to catch my eye,
    Only one is there to mess my world,
    Once whom I left half dead inside.
  • 6.
    Hey dear elusive dream,
    I slipped for you and got lost in mist
    I tried and tried hard, left no stone unturned
    Waited for you to arrive and see
  • 7.
    Got my moonstruck self to stay here forever
    And the stars would not twinkle with latent fair
    I hunt for the sweet gaze, the vivid smile
    The nights all changed, but I am in moonshine
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