Every harsh sigh and your midnight tear,
I intend to be there and tranquil your fear.
Let me come in disguise as autumn breeze,
And dry the dew drops that run through your cheeks.

The way you wayfaring, walking all alone,
Follows a gray shadow, a mirror of your soul,
Even the wind, that can hood up like a stormy tide,
Does a witty whisper saying, "I am your guide".

Every moment that weighs you down with despair,
I am the pen and paper where to show off your true fair,
And the wind, the shadow, my beloved friend,
My love will be your ally till the very end.

So let my love be like the autumn wind,
Soft and gentle, yet so strong and divine,
When the autumn wind flies high upon the sky,
Juvenile flowers like you, may spare a serene smile,
To me, how pleasant is to see this beauty bloom!
After passing a long night in wavering gloom.
Let the wind blow away all the clouds with its grace,
And bring a new morning with an autumn embrace.