Painted by many masters of distinction throughout history,
displayed in Museums and Cathedrals with touches of mystery.
In agony and sorrowful tears or in blissful prayers,
the woman with Christ by biblical affairs.
Saint patron of cruel Dominicans and prostitutes,
witness of the his resurrection and crucifix prosecutes.
Apparently also mother of his child and lover,
when she had to flee Galilee for no one will discover.
Relics suppose to proof that dust of gold,
holy matrimonies for pilgrimages forever sold.
Her Image in many sculptures as the ultimate devotion,
tears of sorrows and transcended bleeding heart notion.
The woman that anoints Jesus feet and being a disciple,
representing the spiritual love as the feminine part of Bible.
She had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities,
because Christ empowered woman in his ministries.
Mary of Magdala with the alabaster box supporting that man,
understanding his teaching and fulfilled the role as part of plan.
To make Jesus followers faith stronger with a display in this regard,
still touching even in mysterious ways a powerful spiritual art.