Images of middle ages and emperors rough and bold,
dwellings in mountain valleys centuries old.
In the court yard of the castle there sat the poet,
rhyming for the landlord all praises know to suit.
His living grace depend on his applause,
coins in silky parchments and its cause.
Honoring that curious nature to explore,
happy that he knows no more.
A bored and bold lady of state attend,
witty wrapped to passion decadent.
To mock the poets ambition as useless toil,
her charm and etiquette in disdainful smile.
Attentions and all its trophies praise,
critics and fretted faults from face to face.
The prophet rich with spoils from the celestial serene,
many flowers in dew born to blush unseen.
The lady and her maiden in mingled measure,
how to tenderize that secret dome of pleasure.
The banquet in full swing under full moon prime,
vain and conspiracies amid the boundless main.
Ladies and nectars of amnesia in full amour of delusion,
the wise man in sober wait, giving the lords conclusion.

‘The mortal eye in easy come bliss,
denying magical natures eternal kiss’.