Social influence that influence ones belief and behavior,
being the sheep idiom in suit of group as inferior identity savior.
Compliances and obedience for the hero or nymph resort,
names and numbers as taste for pleasure of the court.
Instructive expectations in order to avoid looking foolish,
becoming strong in unity of the mass psychology bliss.
Procrastinations to adhere to moral obligation,
bringing out the darkest impulse to justify that situation.
Large scale atrocities for the greater good as ideal,
manipulated propaganda consequence imperial.
The change in response to pressure of social norms,
ethical values in humanity political deforms.
The mediocrity of conformity and its karmic hungry judges,
sentence wretches in time by individual budges.
The mental mill keeps on turning with the wind,
where fiery spirits blaze by gravity and its many scent.
The revolution not out there in golden words brocade,
freeing oneself from controlling theories need to be displayed.
Being infinitely pliable defines the space to be responsible,
and the soul of the world will give ones everything possible.