Since Psychiatrists have lost their superficial reputation,
applied philosophy as metaphysical existents is the realization.
That ideology proofs the infinite potential of the mind,
by the soul enabled life force that provides all challenges behind.
Mental surface impressions making the mind to an emotional sponge,
whereas spiritual aspiration are the negating conscious for once.
The mental eye blinded by immediate result and satisfaction,
while the soul knows the purpose related determination.
Not given the real source enough attention introspective,
creating lost personalities in related circumstance respective.
The individual soul as part of cosmic consciousness,
create the prowess of the involution of karmic justice.
The mental disorder is the lack of true intuitive perception,
the logic contaminated mind as handicapped conception.
Digging deep into profundity is nothing new,
ancient theories provide lots to ponder on and to chew.
Mindology just another name for the same problem,
peoples superficial thinking and not getting to the bottom.