Purification and compost heap of sentimental blue,
holder of past transitions by firmaments many hue.
The begin to return into physical body transcend,
gravity and time become a mental depend.
Container of journeys and explorations in circle of life,
inner most attractions to manifestations strive.
Changing energies alchemistic applied,
intentions fine ripples and its echo refined.
Nurturing from the soul to unite for good,
sustainable part of inner reflections food.
Assumptions of the world to disintegrate,
challenge of faith do reform the state.
Realms of legends and myth by ancient view,
same stories in different cultures brew.
Worlds in worlds and particles garden,
change the moment by attention warden.
String theories of parallel realities,
unformed shades slip into expertise.
Senses multiplied by imagination,
pathways to elusive perception.
Reflections of edges need to be seen,
shifts by focus observed in smiling keen.