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Robert Rittel

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  • 1.  
    From the book of revelation the warning is clear,
    people will be deceived in worshipping the master of fear.
    Predicted in scripture to lead most into loosing their salvation,
    when false Gods are the symbol of appreciation.
  • 2.  
    Have been accused that the splendor of love has my praise,
    constant change and its stimulation for the awaken days.
    The longing, the calm, the touch and its astonishment,
    illimitable desires, its creative expression and still content.
  • 3.  
    Wave particle duality harmonic,
    electromagnetic mean ratio subsonic.
    Cohorts gravity gleaming in purple gold,
    light forces and its tenacious sensuous fold.
  • 4.  
    Caring deity wandering reflection,
    love light celestial inward perfection.
    Luminous serene time maternity,
    conceiving womb sustainity.
  • 5.  
    Being faithful to the biggest lies,
    spoiled by delusions and corrupted ties.
    Shallow shared psychosis belief,
    highly specialist identity thief.
  • 6.  
    The cosmos sees itself through the individual eye,
    creating space from limited believes not shy.
    Whispering firmament reflecting source consenting dreamer,
    detached magnification of a rhetoric believer.
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