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  • A Ticket To Ride
    Faith is the substance in things hoped for evidence not seen,
    science that is magic and works by its own keen.
    Wherein at ease it takes one to wondering beyond,
    almighty sensitive humor in believing fond. ...
  • Reason
    The reasoning ladder by which one can rise,
    needs a wall of faith or it becomes a falling prize.
    Purpose divine reason do not agree,
    with earthy desires and reasons to plea. ...
  • Window Of Dreams
    The visions beyond the enduring crisp of firmament,
    wishes of ideal and escape into mental decadent.
    Dreaming vacancies to the holy sane,
    loving aspiration forever by gratitude of reign. ...
  • Celestial November
    Illuminated stardust sculptured by zodiac’s interpretation,
    facets of planets by retrograde motion, back in past station.
    The same conjunction like the beginning of the year,
    very destructive energies been observed very clear. ...
  • The Oldest Night
    The seeming same under heavens sparkling tent,
    passing transparent grays when moonlight went.
    Mental aggregation from that pain of deep,
    when all could be perfect with some needed sleep. ...
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