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  • Devotion

    True devotion is born in sacrifice,
    by birth in harmonic beauties vice. ...
  • Opus Poetica
    The afterlife station of poets in curfew time,
    giving riches to ponder and to refrain.
    Owls keep writing down all in posy found,
    while stories of spirits rise from the ground. ...
  • Ethereal Scale
    The idiom of opposition as nature,
    extreme poles of ego in rapture.
    On one side there is perfection,
    one the other there is limitation. ...
  • Silence
    It creates the image as a lock on the lips,
    to see the shade of story as it eclipse.
    Barrier between hearts not being sure,
    shielding the wise amidst fools to endure. ...
  • The Labyrinth
    Wild overgrown hedges gleam through the mist,
    enchanted wildness and curiosity cannot resist.
    To experience that longing of its source to claim,
    to know that purpose due to some strain. ...
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