Measure of society by embarrassment,
being a part of that state establishment.
The informed shared interest that knows,
wasters that claim to be the institution vows.
Bound to rigid ness and as politic direction sold,
crippled down industrial economics manifold.
They speak about the future with excuses of term,
the apparent freedom labeled to confirm.
Fountain of endless information provided,
to cut out every possibilities confided.
Heartless encyclopedia of laws that bend,
credited shares that southwards went.
Documentaries are the new CV’s,
desperate actions tell a story in degrees.
Seeing the worth of our ecological disaster,
recognizing the evil in the name of profit master.
Being the statue and a number without a will,
and constantly forging out the nonsense bill.
Expectations show that mirror of our mind,
reflections of trusting governance what we cannot find.
Patterns of generation by bounded sorrow,
shifting statistics for more to borrow.
Great souls take on true responsibility,
attention seekers doing so through hostility.
Within the state of human legacy of grace,
we can rise above the sense of duty pace.
Within the state of human legacy of grace,
we can rise above the political bureaucratic maze.
Service in perception of honor provided,
caring governance not complicated.