To explain its efficacy to the point,
sympathy of nature becomes anoint.
The agreement of opposite forces,
like or unlike potential endorses.
Converged in multitudinous attraction,
divine utterance and holy shit fraction.
Spell binding dependence strife,
primal sorcerer and magi arts live.
Ensorcellations by being a fan,
upon another one of the clan.
Love induce mutual approach,
becoming a soul to soul coach.
Evocation and invocation of living things,
wisdoms and virtues liberating wings.
Enchantment in greatest demand,
like prayer and its fascinated wand.
Wrought like musical strings that vibrates,
into a third dimension migrates.
Perception in image of harmony,
affecting others quiet partially.
Sympathy constituted in contraries,
echoes of divine companies.
The soul that knows its history,
is aware and a tuned mystery.
Her source poised to the intent,
the magic spell and cosmic content.