Vindication by arguments of choice,
controlled egos justification by voice.
Behaving that provide a power decision,
circumstance to create false vision.
Presumed facts to align justification,
politics and its pathetic sensation.
Inferior reasons crying for an acknowledged act,
attention seeking become an criminal fact.
The names of the desperate decorating every corner,
for the state of justified great job mourner.
The accounted right of just, free from guilt,
the act of the state in the name of God to be killed.
Justification of human rights in wicked hands,
perjuries and its titled legacies in demands.
Fanatic delusion from colorful comic books,
not justified hero syndromes in tragic pain as it looks.
Impossibilities and its boundary limitation,
the human mind in dark consideration.
Responsibilities by conscious action,
are worth more than any justified distraction.