Scattered dark and pale Moon rise from the east,
weariness is that seeming image in the least.
The misty touch of invisible shiver,
giving resume to the night of cold light river.
Weeping lights describing of spirits broken,
promised love and words without meaning spoken.
Circles of waxing and waning linked together,
taken care of the subtle emotional weather.
Loud uproar burst from that contained region,
fires of the beast from mental caverns reason.
Matter of dark appareled from celestial light,
not knowing oneself in that common sight.
Natural impression by intimate discern,
pressure points and curvier by experience to learn.
The dragon of righteousness stops not there,
carving moral attitude as primal care.
To withstand the dooming company in pain,
confessions of guilt as necessity sacred remain.
From deeds that the soul cannot abate,
for her equilibrium is total compassionate.
The darkest night by new moon as occasion rise,
introverted energies demand such sacrifice.
Mental liberation as self knowledge towards the pure,
when tempered motions knocking at that door.
Circles of light and ever grown tenderness at will,
natural laws of reason by loving tempted still.
Invisible reflections and guardian of fear,
refreshing new faith and its liberating tear.
The change of mind and heart on right foundation,
the laboring soul on good to fix communication.