Pleasant pondering never be realized,
the pie in the sky for now satisfied.
The biggest slice in need of pursuit,
the cherry on top as attitude.
Succulent projections by layers detailed,
downtown look at the sky retailed.
Others already with their fingers in the pie,
to hurry is the profundity in that limited sky.
Religious or political pies so mighty,
spoons for everybody’s social beauty.
Sunset breaking eggs ascendant warmed firmament,
vanilla, butter perfumed baking’s installment.
Crown of all doughnuts after the release,
muffin tops vice versa to please.
Procrastinations and prophecies,
prediction in scientific strategies.
Every now and then to eat some humble pie,
to still the slice of anger on a hungry day.
The ideal pie a comic book story,
insanity as perfect repository.
Custard on the pie as ultimate joke,
magic laughter from the dispensing yoke.
Creating bigger pies for funding,
easy bargain for expanding landing.
The karmic pie in the face as frailties,
sour tears in lemon meringue deities.
The unified future as a mince pie dream,
slow baking and loss of morality scream.
The shrinking pie and the blame,
con leaders in control of crust and its fame.