In remembrance of that virtual dream,
clear impressions like a movie stream.
Time in different sphere filling impressions,
something of another mind expressions.
Living about in a world not realized,
the mortal nature by different image surprised.
Images of youth and its imaginary affection,
escaping into worlds of loving recollection.
Stimulant stories whatever they may,
fountain of enlighten picture for the day.
Dream weaver and master light of seeing,
treasure and miracle at moments of our being.
Dark silence and truth seeming awake,
impressions that shifts the willing to wake.
Facing by ridicule and wonder that endeavor,
knowing that the impossible is in your favor.
That enmity recognized as soul of joy,
no one can abolish or try to destroy.
Our souls have access to the immortal air,
living forces captured by innocent affair.
The dream through radiance once so bright,
gentle power that remains in bliss behind.
Primal sympathies and its soothing habitat,
volunteering heart to treasure that.
Intimate bliss in tender healing abound,
echoes from the immortal destiny ground.