Suddenly, the sun went abode
The sky took another garb,
In turbulence.

The dust took form from the wind, tempest storm
Like a chubby bunny lady,
twerking to the earth
In a coruscating figure in rage.

Everyone stared at the war
If they had known, They would have taken more than their heels.

The sky sent down
Water lines in a crow distance
As they took the form of arrows.

The storm took support of the wind,
The twerk was so fast to sky
Taking the form of spear.

The sky with masses of dark clouds
Took shield anti the spear storm.

The thunder took support of the sky,
In anger it scattered like a smoke in the air.

Man with animals echoed,
In tripid tone,
The earth on a death line,
The sky in a thundering mood.

Fire devoured domiciles,
Farms, forest.
Earth consumed humans,
Animals and all they hoarded.

Only few stampeded
To oases,
Under mountains, whose
Boulders were built in fright.

Only humans can relate,
Earthworms got the message
From flood,
Crops got theirs from fire flames,
So houses, so all they hoarded.
Only humans can relate aftermath.

*Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare*
*Paciolo Pen Saint*